ALITE "all in one" #LEDgrowlight, can meet your different demand.
Time: 22 Oct 2020 Browse: 3869

ALITE "all in one" #LEDgrowlight, can meet your different demand. 


design, save installation cost, just 60s.

-650W, 800W whole fixture, free-installation, PPE can up to 2.8umol/J 

-325W, 400W module can connect flexible, max connected power up to 1600W, meet your 

different power demand.

-Smart ipad control: group control, timing, brightness, sunrise/sunset  simulation, 

also can control by your phone with bluetooth connect.

-UVA T5 light added for the fruiting period, help plant get more high quality fruits. 

Want to know more details? Please contact us, we will welcome you 

any time.