Recommend Products
  • Backlit Panel -NA Backlit/Directlit LED Panel Cheap,less power,even illumination,longer lifespans, easy-to-repair
  • Livestock farm light-Stardard Special Lamp for Livestock Farm ,prevent ammonia corrosion and long lifespan
  • LED Solar street Light
  • LED Grow light-Stardard High power linear grow light for Plant/Vegetable/Garden bonsai/Flower/Marihuana etc.
  • Vapor Light-DIM 3mm aluminum heatsink Hi-pot test up to 5000V
  • Panel Light -Stardard 100&130lm/w optional,Built-in motion sensor Built-in battery backup with remote
About us
Alite Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008,engaged in LED technology exploration and research. We have professional R&D team to support independent research ability and sustainable development concept, Which follow the principles of “ Security, Stability, Prospective, Fashion”. We keep “Unity, Teamwork, Cooperation.
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